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Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd July 2017

Moniaive, Dumfriesshire, Scotland



The seventh annual Scottish Autoharp Weekend devoted to all things Autoharp will happen in the Dumfriesshire village of Moniaive on 21st-23rd July 2017.

This is a very friendly event and a great place to meet up with friends old and new. This event has become very popular over the years.

Moniaive is a picturesque little village in the heart of Dumfries and Tim at the Craigdaroch always gives a warm welcome to the onslaught of musicians.

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FRIDAY 21st July

11am-5pm - (Sold Out) MASTER CLASS with Karen Mueller in the Paterson Rooms (opposite the Kirk) Master autoharp performer and highly-valued autoharp teacher, Karen has been the featured Autoharp tutor at Sore Fingers Week on many occasions, but she will be here in Scotland for the first time.
This master class with Karen has been organised in response to strong feedback that autoharpers at ScAW would appreciate additional time when a special guest tutor joins us from another country - the chance to work in a more extended way.

7.30pm - 'Meet the Autoharpers' informal chat, music and song sessions from 7.30 pm onwards at the The Craigdarroch Arms Hotel. Instruments other than autoharp (and singers) are very welcome to join the autoharpers. The session will be chaired by Nadine and Ian White, with support from other workshop leaders of the weekend.


SATURDAY 22nd July

Morning and Afternoon: Scottish ‘UK Autoharps Day’ – all daytime and evening events happen at The Glencairn Memorial Institute. An optional ‘late night pub session’ will take place after the concert in The Craigdarroch Arms Hotel, for those who want to continue making music.

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For more detailed info 2017 ScAW Programme.PDF

10.30am - Noon

Beginners 1a - Guy Padfield
support and lovely tunes for new (including brand-new) players or those who may have played before and are ‘beginning again’. Loaner autoharps will be available, subject to advance booking and of course new players who already have their own instruments are welcome to take part. Key of G

Moving Into Melody 1b - Karen Mueller
This workshop is suitable for those who are becoming familiar with their autoharp and are ready to move beyond simple strumming into melody playing (for introduction and ‘breaks’ in songs or for solo instrumentals). Keys of C, G & D

Intermediate 1c - Heather Farrell Roberts
Gorgeous Tunes - Heather will share some beautiful melodies for the autoharp. This workshop is aimed at players who are comfortable with doing some melody-playing

1pm - 2.30pm

Beginners 2a - Guy Padfield
This session will build on the morning’s activity. Note: some autoharp players may decide to do one of the two ‘Improver/Intermediate’ workshops this afternoon (if considering this, it might be useful to discuss this option with Guy at the end of the morning). Key of G.

Moving On 2b - Heather Farrell Roberts
This workshop is for people who have moved beyond the Absolute Beginners stage and are beginning to consolidate and extend their skills.

Intermediate 2c - Karen Mueller
This workshop is melody-led and for people who already play some melody on their autoharps. Karen will share some neat tunes and techniques for smooth melody-picking. Keys of G and D

In addition to the three workshops running in parallel for autoharp players...
Autoharp ‘Mr FixIt’ – Gordy Reynolds will on hand to advise about ‘issues’ to do with your instrument’s maintenance (felting chord bars, restringing, fitting of strap buttons, etc.)


3.15-4.15 pm - Two Parallel Events
• In the Main Hall – Open Stage, a chance to share a tune or song with an audience.
• In the long Workshop Room downstairs – ‘Show and Tell’ for Intermediate/Advanced
Autoharpers (chaired by Heather Farrell-Roberts) – no audience here, but instead a circle of
individuals who will each share one piece (vocal or instrumental). This can be a finished arrangement
or a ’work in progress’ - a chance to get comments from other experienced autoharpers.
Then everyone comes back to the Main Hall to end the day together with...

4.15.5-15pm - Workshop for EVERYONE (all levels) Playing Together
Led by Nadine Stah White – we all come together at the end of the afternoon to Learn an Iconic Scottish song with everyone singing and playing along (worksheet provided with lyrics and some ideas for effective but simple chord choices and accompaniment). Key of D

Additional events will take place throughout weekend.

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Saturday 22nd July - Grand Autoharp Concert (7.30-10.30 pm)

***New Venue this year***
The Coach House Stage at The Craigdarroch.

This concert will showcase the outstanding musicianship of Karen Mueller, and will feature a welcome return to Moniaive by Heather Farrell-Roberts and Guy Padfield, two of the UK’s most accomplished autoharpers (there are hints of a few additional performers to come).

Autoharp General RAFFLE – will be drawn in the interval of the concert.

Note: Evening Concert tickets will be available at a discounted rate for those also attending the UKA Day but the event is open to anyone.


SUNDAY 24th July

10am - Morning Autoharp Gospel Church Service in St Ninian’s Parish Kirk, featuring workshop leaders and performers from the UK Autoharp Day.

1pm - Open Music Session (for all who will) in the Craigdarroch Arms Hotel.

7.30pm - ‘Last Chance’ Informal Concert with Karen Mueller and Friends in The Craigdarroch This is another opportunity to enjoy Karen in a performance set in a more informal setting - with some ‘local support’. (Note: this concert is open to anyone - pay on the day, rather than in advance).

UKA Members Comments:

"The main concert was an amazing experience. Every performer was excellent and it certainly inspired me to persevere with the challenges the autoharp throws at me.
Other highlights for me were: the chance to meet other players from all over the U.K., the friendship and warmth, the laughs, the eating together and the encouragement more experienced players gave to beginners. It was an exhausting, brilliant and very worthwhile experience.
Most important of all, I've learned that there really is no end to the 'freedom' of exploring and developing my own style."
- Anja

"What a great experience. This was my first time seeing and playing an autoharp. The UKA Loaner 'harp was much appreciated. My Tutors Nadine and Heather were inspiring and the company encouraging. Everyone was so friendly and helpful . Great venue and beautiful setting. Thanks to all at the UKA" - Joolz

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EVENT HOST: Nadine White


Nadine has hosted the Moniaive event since it started in 2010.
Nadine is listed on UKA Tutors page.
If you have any questions about the Day, please contact:
Nadine Stah White emailnadine@ifwtech.co.uk

Any questions about the local area in and around Moniaive . Please contact:
Anja Lyttlee emailanjalyttle@hotmail.com


chapter.moniaive.org.uk - If you would like some information about accommodation in the area please view the above website. We believe The Craigdarroch and The George are fully-booked and Causies Cross B&B which still shows as third on the list of accommodation is no longer operating. There is plenty of accommodation available in the town of Dumfries, but that this is about a half-hour's drive away from Moniaive. If folks are interested in camping (i.e. a tent or a caravan) they should contact event host Nadine for further advice.


2017_Accommodation.PDF - Info on local accommodation.

2017 UKA ScAW Programme.pdf - View and print a Full Programme of Events.

2017 ScAW Booking Form.PDF - If you prefer to book and pay by cheque, download and fill in the form and post to UKA, contact address is on the form. Please include a cheque made payable to "UK Autoharps".

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chapter.dumfries-and-galloway.co.uk - Dumfries and Galloway online contains a host of information about Dumfries, Dumfriesshire and Galloway and links to web sites throughout south west Scotland.

chapterSanquhar Tile Services Ltd - Sponsors this event.

chapter.moniaive.org.uk - Welcome to Moniaive.

chapter.craigdarrocharmshotel.co.uk - The Craigdarroch Hotel

chapter.glencairnepm.com - Glen Whisk Cafe and Bistro

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