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If you want to link your act to the UKA website please emailUKA Webmaster.
Only bands or acts which include autoharps and are based in the UK will be considered.
Please provide as much information as possible: (a) band bio; (b) publicity image; (c) YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, MySpace, Website, links; (d) booking contact information.
We can recommend some excellent UK-based performers who feature the autoharp and who are available for booking. For more information Contact Sue Edwards emailVice President@UKAutoharps.org.uk


chapterBOB EBDON

Bob Ebdon Video

Bob has sung and played at folk clubs in the Lincoln and Nottingham area, and at local festivals, for many years now and has several paid gigs under his belt. In 2013, he took part in the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering competition in Newport, PA, and had the great good fortune to come third in a very prestigious field, so recently his performances have been skewed more in favour of instrumentals on the autoharp, although he still sees himself primarily as a singer. He has made his first CD, which is available from CD Baby - which features a mixture of old, new and self-penned songs and tunes, all featuring the autoharp - but not necessarily as you know it! You can also read all about Bob from his website.

Bob Ebdon emailr.ebdon@ntlworld.com
soundcloudsoundcloud.com - Bob Ebdon

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George Haig Video

George offers his unique style with a Scottish flavour.
He is winner of Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in 2005 and winner of Winfield in 2007.

Contact George for performance bookings.

George Haig emailGeorge_haig@btinternet.com

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Guy regularly plays autoharp at live music venues mainly in London and Surrey, either solo or with other musicians. He played a track on the UKA Autoharp Britannia CD and is also a UKA Tutor offering personal tuition and friendly advice on getting started with learning autoharp.

Guy Padfield emailGuy@UKAutoharps.com

soundcloudsoundcloud.com - Guy Padfield

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Bob Ebdon Video

Heather has recorded two Autoharp CDs and is also a UKA Tutor

Contact Heather for performance bookings by arrangement.

telephone: 01795 472214
Heather Farrell-Roberts emailTutor CoOrdinator@UKAutoharps.com

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Jan Brodie Video

I am Jan Brodie and I live on the Isle of Man. I have been playing the autoharp since 1995. I am a singer and performer here on the Island where I have enjoyed many gigs both paid and unpaid, solo and with the band I am a member of, The Cronk Illiam Scratchers. Have played in theatres, pubs, restaurants, at concerts, in the street for charity and at the annual Party in the Park at Ramsey. I have got a track on the UKA Autoharp Britannia CD and also on the Cyberpluckers Double Album, ‘Strike the ‘Harp Again’ which is available from CD Baby. I am co-founder of the Manx Autoharpers Group. We meet monthly to socialise and play. We welcome visitors and new members. Contact

Jan Brodie emailjanbrodie01@gmail.com

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Joolz Video

I have spent many years singing and playing Bodhran in various bars & festivals in both Scotland and Ireland. I began playing the Autoharp in 2012 and have appeared with bands as a guest singer, autoharpist and playing bodhran or whistle. I have also hosted acoustic nights & Karaoke. Building up a very varied musical repertoire blues, jazz, pop, rock, bluegrass, rockabilly, punk the list goes on, however my heart is in folk music and keeping it alive. I especially enjoy performing Robert Burns “Bawdy Ballads” and contributed “Green Grow The Rashes, O” on the UKA Autoharp Britannia CD

Joolz emailWebmaster@UKAutoharps.com


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Mike Fenton Video

Mike, the only UK member of the Autoharp Hall of Fame, occasionally goes out to present a concert or fulfill a teaching engagement, but nol longer tours on a regular basis.

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Nadine Stah White Video

Nadine performs and sings with the autoharp, folk music from the British Isles and old-time and traditional music from the USA. Her CD "Here and Now" is available direct from her.

She also hosts a regular monthly meeting of autoharpers in her home near Whithorn. Contact her for details of the next meeting date and information about any upcoming autoharp events in Scotland, as well as her one-on-one lessons.

telephone: 01988 501077
Nadine Stah White emailnadine@ifwtech.co.uk

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