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Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player, there are several musicians scattered throughout the UK who are happy to give local one-to-one autoharp lessons. Many of them also teach at UKA Events, and some at Sore Fingers. If you need further information or help please contact:
Sue Edwards emailVice President@UKAutoharps.com


chapterBob Ebdon

engArea: Lincolnshire

Bob Ebdon Video

I joined the UKA in 2006, I believe, and have since given several workshops at UKA Days. I tend to focus on singing with the autoharp, because that is what I do mostly, and have been running the Slow Jams at UKA Days for some years now. I regard the autoharp as a musical instrument, which plays music. Any kind of music. I enjoy using my experience of playing rhythm guitar for 40 years, before arthritis made this impossible, in my autoharp playing, and I find several things transfer well from the guitar. Playing a chord is so much easier though! I specialise in diatonic harps, owning five of those to one chromatic. I am willing to give help and advice - email me - but I do not offer lessons apart from at UKA Days.

Bob Ebdon emailr.ebdon@ntlworld.com
soundcloudsoundcloud.com - Bob Ebdon

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Ewan McVicar

chapterEwan McVicar

Scot FlagArea: Scotland

I started playing autoharp 50 years ago while working teaching guitar and performing in Cambridge Mass. I use autoharp in performance and on recordings to accompany Appalachian ballads, old Country songs, and Scots songs I have made myself. I’ve had the honour of meeting members of the Carter Family at Carter Fold, and once saw Mother Maybelle do a workshop at Newport Folk Festival. I am considered Scotland’s expert on children’s playground songs, and was awarded the 2015 Hamish Henderson Award for Services To Traditional Music.
For more information contact Ewan via his websites:
chapterScots Sangs ...

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chapterGeorge Haig

Scot FlagArea: Scotland

George offers his unique style with a Scottish flavour. He is winner of Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in 2005 and winner of Winfield in 2007. He teaches worldwide at UKA Events. Contact George for performance bookings.

George Haig emailGeorge_haig@btinternet.com

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chapterGordy Reynolds

Scot FlagArea: Edinburgh

Gordy Reynolds, autoharper, multi-instrumentalist and singer, has many years‘ experience of playing the autoharp. Gordy Teaches at UKA Events and can also give individual tuition.
UKAGordy is a highly recommended Autoharp Supplier. He is known for his Instrument sales business, Hootsmon Music and for supporting autoharpers in the Edinburgh area. Mr Fix It/ Instrument & Sundries Sales.

Gordy Reynolds emailHootsmonmusic@blueyonder.co.uk
uka: 0776 037 2959

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chapterGuy Padfield

engArea: SW London/Surrey

In 2008 I became a member of UK Autoharps and in 2012 I became a beginners’ tutor.

Guy Padfield Youtube

I also teach autoharp one-to-one lessons to anyone who wants to learn and have always been drawn towards teaching music, being fascinated in how people learn in different ways. In the beginners’ workshops there is always a varied mix of musical backgrounds and people who are completely new to musical instruments. I bring the group all together in playing simple well known songs and discovering the instrument in their own way. Since I began teaching groups of beginners on autoharp, I've found it incredibly fulfilling helping people start from scratch and seeing them play together.

As well as the autoharp I enjoy playing Irish bouzouki, penny whistle, Native American flute and guitar.

I specialise in chromatic autoharp, finger picking, composition and songwriting.

Guy Padfield emailGuy@UKAutoharps.com
soundcloudsoundcloud.com - Guy Padfield

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chapterHeather Farrell-Roberts

engArea: Kent

Heather Youtube

I have been a member of UK Autoharps since day one! I have been playing autoharp for 20 years. I have been a teacher all my working life.

At UKA Days I have been beginner, intermediate or advanced tutor and each level has its rewards. I have also held workshops teaching people how to teach beginners and intermediate levels. At Sore Fingers I have been beginners’ tutor for many years.

I also love teaching people to improve their playing techniques in 1:1 sessions.

I play mostly diatonic autoharps as I prefer the sound quality and the ‘open chording’ that they offer.

Heather Farrell-Roberts emailTutor CoOrdinator@UKAutoharps.com

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engArea: Scotland

I first saw and played an autoharp in 2012 when I attended ScAW, I was blown away with its simplicity and intricacy, perfect for vocal accompaniment. I joined UKA at this time and soon became a committee member, building and maintaining the current UKA website. Within six months of playing autoharp I contributed “Green Grow The Rashes, O” to the UKA Autoharp Britannia CD.
I decided to host an event in Linlithgow 2016 and will be tutoring a taster class for beginners and people curious to know a little more about this wonderful and often unknown instrument.

Joolz emailukautoharps@hotmail.co.uk

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chapterLyn Jones

engArea: BRISTOL

Lyn has impressed all who have seen her in recent years at Sore Fingers and UKA events with her development as an adventurous melodic player since her retirement as a head teacher. She's come a long way in a short time - but still remembers how it felt when she was beginning to pluck melodies. She'll have a lot to share.

Lyn Jones emailLyn@ukautoharps.com

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chapterMaeve Toner

Area: Dublin

Maeve Toner is an autoharper and singer with many years‘ experience of using the autoharp in accompanying songs and tunes. She grew up listening to American Old-Time music in her family. Maeve has been a Tutor, Panelist, Performer at UKA Events. Maeve is listed on the UKA CDs page.

Maeve Toner emailMaeve

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chapterMike Fenton

engArea: Herefordshire

I have played autoharp since December 1968, when I bought my first one, a 12-chord German Rosen, in Hamilton’s Music Store, Middlesbrough. I was playing mostly old-time country material for some years, particularly Carter Family, and never really thought beyond that until around 1982, when I began a long association with the USA autoharp movement during a five year period when I won a lot of awards for my playing at US festivals and conventions, culminating in the International Autoharp Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Kansas in 1987. I haven’t competed anywhere since 1988, being normally more required for judging these days.

I first became aware of the need to teach autoharp during 1986 when I was invited to work at the Augusta Heritage Workshops in Elkins College, West Virginia. It helped greatly that I was far ahead of most players in repertoire and technique at that time, but I quickly realised that I had some serious work to do to be properly prepared. I have held many teaching residencies since, including many years at the Autoharp Jamborees held at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View Arkansas.

I first took my Autoharp Roadshow to schools around the UK in January 1987 and presented over 4000 school visits which offered hands-on workshops for all children and in-service work for teachers. I ceased school operations completely in 2015. Although I still record and perform occasionally, and am always looking to improve repertoire and technique, my major commitment today is in the teaching of the autoharp, both chromatic and diatonic, at Autoharp Days, folk festivals, arts centres, and village halls.

I do offer intensive one-on-one sessions for serious players and lessons for beginners. Folk often come to our home in Herefordshire where I do up to three days of serious study and my wife Rachel provides food and board.

Mike Fenton emailfen.lonesomedove9@gmail.com


Mike Fenton has been in the forefront of the autoharp community performing, educating, researching and writing for nearly thirty years. His influence will be felt in the USA and Great Britain for years to come - he is today's Pied Piper of the Autoharp.
Proclamation, Autoharp Hall of Fame 1997

Mike will go down in history for having one of the fastest and cleanest techniques of following fiddle tunes note for note by using a thumb lead style that few can emulate.
Mike Herr, Autoharp Quarterly

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chapterNeil Gillard

england flagArea: England

Neil Gillard has been playing the autoharp for about 10 years, mainly to accompany singing, and to help compose tunes for his own songs, which are mainly about family history and events local to his home area of the Blackmore Vale in Dorset. One of his songs was a finalist in the 2014 Autoharp Quarterly song writing competition, and another was recorded for the UKA CD 'Autoharp Britannia'.

Neil Gillard emailMembership_Secretary@ukautoharps.com

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chapterNadine Stah White

scotlandArea: Southwest Scotland (elsewhere in the British Isles by arrangement)

I’m an expat American who’s made my life on this side of the Atlantic since marrying Ian in 1980.

I’ve been playing the autoharp since 1972, originally using it mostly for vocal accompaniment. Having pretty much played in isolation from other autoharp players, things changed radically in 1997 after meeting Mike Fenton and getting my first diatonic autoharp.

Nadine Youtube

My background in education and events organisation came into play in 1999 when I started organising one-off Saturday Autoharp days from my (then) home base of South Oxfordshire in England. From the start, I was one of the workshop leaders at these Autoharp Days, which relied heavily on Mike Fenton’s expertise and UK contacts. These early events led on to the formation of the UK Autoharps club, for which I was the initial Secretary, Events Organiser and newsletter editor.

Since Ian and I moved to Southwest Scotland in 2007, I’ve relinquished my formal role in UKA. But I continue to teach the autoharp one-to-one and in small groups from my home, as well as leading autoharp workshops at other events in Scotland and elsewhere (including at some Autoharp events in the USA). I have the keeping of one of the UK Autoharps ‘loaner’ autoharps for use by beginning players.

From 2010, I’ve organised the Moniaivie, Scottish Autoharp Weekend (ScAW).

Get in contact with me for details of individual or group autoharp-friendly events in Scotland.

Nadine Stah White emailnadine@ifwtech.co.uk

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chapterPatrick Couton

Area: Nantes, West France

Patrick Couton is an outstanding professional musician (guitar, lap-guitar, and autoharp) whose seminal recording 'Autoharp ce soir' (now available on CD) influenced many of today's greatest autoharp players when it was first released in 1979. The recently produced CD 'Illegal Autoharp' (2012) continues to showcase his versatility (it should be 'illegal' to play this range of tunes on the autoharp). Patrick’s autoharp repertoire is wide-ranging, from swing to pop to jazzy standards, but also traditional music of the British Isles and France. UK autoharpers who had a chance to spend the Sore Fingers October weekend with Patrick as the tutor a few years back were delighted with the range of material they covered - and with the fun that they had. It will be a great pleasure to have him back teaching in the UK, joining us from his home in Nantes, His performance set at ScAW 2015 will be phenomenal.

Patrick Couton email

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chapterRyan Carr


Ryan is a young man who is known to many from his YouTube videos and his presence on Facebook Autoharp pages. Ryan is rapidly becoming one of the UK's finest diatonic autoharpers. You're sure to come away with a gorgeous tune (or tunes).

Ryan Carr email

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chapterSue Edwards

engArea: Gloucestershire

I have been playing autoharps for nearly 20 years and have been a member of UKA when it first started. Over these years I have become involved in the UKA committee, organised taster sessions, UKA events, travelled to USA to take part in the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering, entered the competition there, and contributed a couple of tracks to CDs.

I enjoy showing others how to start playing, and give talks with demonstrations to WI groups and other organisations, individual taster sessions, and basic beginner tuition. At previous UKA workshops I have taken Beginners classes and also some lessons on playing duets. I love to experiment with string schedules, colour chords and unusual tunings, which is an area I think some players would like to explore, especially if they wish to convert a harp to diatonic. I like to assist people with special needs to make music, with different methods of playing and setting up harps to suit them.

My favourite time is when I pick up a single or two key harp, and play around the chords, wondering what music would flow out, and I have written many tunes, some with lyrics, by ‘letting my fingers walk around the harp’. Some songs seem to write themselves, and one of my proudest moments was to sing my latest song about the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London, commemorating the WW1 dead, at a special Armistice Pals evening in this WW1 Centenary year.

Sue Edwards emailVice President@UKAutoharps.com

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