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'Come & Enjoy The Fun Of Autoharping!'



Before committing yourself to a costly purchase, you can borrow an autoharp at one of our Events. See just how easy it is to strum a tune.

Good quality autoharps are available by arrangement to use at UKA days for no extra charge. Simply tick the box on the booking form.

As a UKA Member (Join Us), and for an incredibly small fee, a short term loan of a UKA autoharp to individuals who are new to the instrument can be arranged.

For more information, availability and the necessary forms to borrow a loaner harp, contact:

Lyn Jones emailLoaner Harp CoOrdinator@UKAutoharps.com

UKA Members Stories Reccommend

UKA President

My first encounter...

My first encounter with an autoharp – well thirty or more of them – was when Mike Fenton visited the school where I was teaching, and I also realised that my good friend and colleague the late Sue Laughton played the instrument. Despite being immensely taken by the sound of the ‘harp, it wasn’t until the next time that Mike came round, and offered to lend me one, that I got started! I loved it, playing initially on my lap, and then upside down, as I am left handed and quickly decided that I would not attempt to play right-handed. Soon I acquired a secondhand Oscar Schmidt from Mike, and not long after that I bought a new OS Centurion, thoroughly enjoying strumming through tunes and songs. I also joined the UKA and attended one or two ‘Days’, learning lots, although progress was slow. Sore Fingers Easter weeks helped a bit, and so did the purchase of a left-handed luthier autoharp from Pete Daigle.

Neil Gillard

UKA member

From loaner to love...

I would encourage anyone to try out a UKA Loaner 'harp. You might just fall in love with the instrument as I did. The autoharp has a clever chord bar structure making it easily strummed to achieve a tune quickly. To pluck and play melodies well... is practice, practice, practice... and lots of help and guidance from UKA & friends.
I was looking for something different to accompany myself singing. A friend suggested an autoharp!!! I knew nothing about them so began hunting to see where I could go to listen and hopefuly buy one. Luckily I discovered online the UKA Event held in Moniaive. What a great event - everyone was so friendly and helpful! As a new UKA Member I was given a loaner 'harp for the day. I learned so much in those first few classes with Heather and Nadine. Throughout the weekend everyone was so willing to share their tips. I was in love with the autoharp and inspired. Luckily a loaner autoharp was available for short term loan. Within six months I bought my first autoharp from Mike Fenton.
I attended more classes and within a few months I had my first gig with the autoharp at "The Gentle Giant" music festival and I also contributed to the Autoharp Britannia CD. If I can do that in less than a year, anyone can!


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