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Below is a growing list of autoharp accessories that UKA members and friends like to use. Items are roughly listed alphabetically. Your thoughts would be much appreciated as everyone's experience is different. Please help each other and share a little bit about your favourite accessories.
Please emailUKA Webmaster Remember to include your name and as much information as possible. Why YOU like it, photo of product. web links. where to buy?

CHAPTERS - chapterI:Amplifier chapterII:Apps chapterIII:Books chapterIV:Cases chapterV:Chord Bars chapterVI:Cleaning Products chapterVII:Felts chapterVIII:Fine Tuners chapterIX:Mics chapterX:Pick Us chapterXI:Picks chapterXII:Springs chapterXIII:Stands chapterXIV:Straps chapterXV:Strings chapterXVI:Tuners chapterXVII:Tuning Keys chapterXVIII:Everything Else



  • OnSong - iPad songbook app
    OnSong - iPad songbook
    "I looked at a half-dozen or so free and low-cost iPad songbook apps and decided OnSong best fits my needs. It reads standard format files, You can edit songs in the app, highlight lines in different colors, and most importantly transpose to any key with the flip of a switch."
    Ken Ellis



05.Chord Bars

06.Cleaning Products

  • Fast Fret



08.Fine Tuners


10.Pick Ups


  • Alaska Pik
    Alaska Pik


  • Fred Kelly Freedom picks
    Fred Kelly Slick picks
    Fred Kelly Speed picks
    "I like the Freedom picks because they stay on my fingers for both forward and backwards plucking, and I like the sound of the Delrin: very little initial clack when you hit the strings. The Slick picks are good for strumming in a group setting, where you want to get a lot of sound from the bass. The Speed picks are not as loud as the slick picks, so I use them when playing solo to play accompaniment chords while playing melody. It let's the melody stand out more."
    Ken Ellis



  • Cooperstands
    "Cooperstands fold up into a nice small package that fits easily in the pocket of a gig bag, are well made and quite reasonably priced."
    Ken Ellis
  • "The Cooperstand for example, I have other instrument stands, one is an RKS Gig stand, which is cheaper, lightweight, folds down quite well, but not as firm as a Cooperstand which folds down more, and looks so good with a quality wood instrument! It holds the autoharp firmly either upright or on its side. I have another which holds the harp and a funny angle, (no name on it) and an older guitar one by K and M which is more bulky, heavier and will not fit into a side pocket."
    Sue Edwards


  • Sliderstrap




  • Boss TU12 tuner
    Boss TU-12 tuner
    "I like the tuner because it is more accurate than the cheap ones. Also I like the analog dial. It seems to me to be more sensitive than the LED displays, so I think I can dial in the notes better."
    Ken Ellis

17.Tuning Key

18.Everything Else

  • "The Olympus digital recorder - I have not had any others apart from a Minidisk some years back, but the Olympus is small, very powerful, can be set for different spaces, the battery is charged up in a USB port and lasts for ages, and a huge number of recordings! I can set it for mp3 or wav, cut out hiss noises, split tracks, download to the laptop and I still have not discovered all the features!! Jan Brodie recommended it to me and I use it all the time, especially if I think of a new tune in the early hours!"
    Sue Edwards
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