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CHAPTERS - chapterI:UKA Introduction chapterII:About UKA chapterIII:UKA AGM

chapterI: UK Autoharps Introduction


Welcome to the website of United Kingdom Autoharps (UKA). This site, which is constantly being updated, aims to provide invaluable information and links to all things autoharp in the UK. Do you have information which you feel would enhance this website?
emailUKA Webmaster Share your experience send: comments, links, photos, videos and sound clips. Anything missing?

One of the most important roles for UKA is to put people in touch with other autoharpers. We are happy to share any autoharp-related information including details of the organisation and future events such as autoharp days, weekends, special courses and CDs which feature autoharp players.

So if you are one of those people who has an autoharp tucked away at the back of a cupboard or if you have been captivated by the sound of this wonderful instrument, here is your chance to get in touch!

If you would like to learn more about the history of the autoharp, go to About the Autoharp.

UKA events are great places to meet other autoharpers. Browse our Diary Of UKA Events.

If you would you like to become a UKA Member or renew your membership visit Join UK Autoharps.

chapterII: About UK Autoharps

UK Autoharps was founded in 2001 by a bunch of like-minded people who wanted to draw together their skill, interest and enthusiasm. Its aim is to promote interest in the autoharp, and to help the development and playing skills of its members.

We are a growing community of autoharpers from across the UK, ranging from beginners to world-class players including Mountain Laurel and Winfield champions. We are interested in playing in many different styles across a wide range of musical genres. By playing together whenever we can, we learn new and different techniques, sometimes joining other acoustic instruments.

Our goal is to promote the autoharp in areas of the UK where there is little or no presence, whilst at the same time maintaining and improving the provision of events for all our members through consultation, to establish what they want from their organisation.

If you would like to play the autoharp or already do, why not Join UK Autoharps?

chapterIII: UKA 2017 AGM

UKA President

By Guy Padfield, UKA President


Hello everyone and welcome. To kick off the year we held our AGM and the first UK autoharp day was held at the beautiful Kingshill House in Dursley Gloucestershire. Our own Sue Edwards and Jan Brodie are to thank for organizing a lovely day of autoharping. It was great to see a few new folks at this event.

After nine years a UKA member and almost five as a tutor I feel so happy to be accepted as the new President, which happened at the March AGM. Heather before me was President when I arrived at my first UKA day. Then I saw our lovely Neil Gillard elected who did a wonderful job and then Heather again who was so committed that she continued in the position long after her announcement of standing down. So I send a massive big thanks to Heather for her work for our autoharp association. Also much gratitude to our committee and all our members who make our wonderfully enjoyable gatherings happen.

Well now, what have UKA got coming up this year? Please Visit our Events Diary page and/or our Facebook Events. As you may know there are many year round regional meetings organized by members such as jams, sessions and group meetings, which you can find details of on our Autoharp Sessions Page and also in our Newsletter. To keep up to date subscribe to UKA Newsletter by contacting Jan Brodie.

Host a UKA Event

If you fancy hosting an autoharp event yourself or with another, let us know. We will give you all the help you need to do it. More details for becoming an event host are on the Diary of UK Autoharp Events page at How You Can Help.

Join UKA Committee

We would love to hear from members who feel they have the time and commitment to join the UKA Committee. Help us grow our community providing help and encouragement to autoharpers of all skill levels.


Email Voting & Points for Agenda

If you can not attend the next AGM which will be held March 2018, you can send your points to be raised at AGM and committee nominations to president@ukautoharps.com (Please include your UKA membership number in correspondence) Send no later than 30th September. Please make sure that anyone you nominate for the committee is happy for their name to be put forward before sending it. I will then put matters in hand to issue ballot papers to all members, so that the whole membership, rather than just those present at the AGM, can have their say.

We hope to encourage more of our members to become a UKA Tutor in the future. If you think you have the time, the ability and would be willing to undertake some training. Please let me know.

Well letís hope this will be another good year. Hope to see you somewhere throughout the year.
Happy Harping.

Guy Padfield emailPresident@UKAutoharps.com

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