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CHAPTERS - chapterI:UKA Membership chapterII:UKA Member Benefits chapterIII:How You Can Help

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Subscribe to our new secure mailing list 'UK Autoharp News Flash'. This will keep you in the loop with an Autoharping news bulletin relevant to you. It also gives you total controll over the information you recive and choose to share with UKA. Please add mail@ukautoharps.com to your address book this will ensure our emails get to your inbox and don't mistakenly land in your junk folder. More Info...


chapterI: UKA Membership

There is a growing community of UK autoharpers who are interested in playing, attending workshops, meeting other players and learning more about the instrument. UKA’s aims are to promote the knowledge of and interest in the autoharp, and to help the development and playing skills of all its members.

  • Membership runs annually from 1st January to 31st December and costs just £10.00.
  • FREE Membership to people under 18.
  • FREE Honorary Membership can be granted to people who help promote the aims of UKA. These people may include but are not exclusive to UKA Committee, Autoharp Tutors, UKA Event Organiser and Promoters.

If you have any questions or want to claim FREE membership please contact membership_secretary@ukautoharps.com

After your transaction you will be taken to a web page giving you details of how to access the Members Area, (write down your 2019 Username and Password and keep it safe). This will allow you to gain access to the UKA Members Area.

UKA Membership Secretary will also send you a welcome email within a few days confirming your details and including your UKA Membership number.

Now accepting PayPal


UKA Membership 2019
New Members: would you like to claim
Data Protection Act 2018. Your details will only be
used by UKA to keep you informed of any activities
directly relating to the organisation. Please confirm
that you are happy to receive this information.

*BUY HERE & NOW* using the UKA simple and safe PayPal button on this page.

Get Adobe Reader

OR if you prefer you can print and complete 2019_UKA_Membership_Form.PDF and enclose a cheque made payable to ‘UK Autoharps’, then post to the UK Autoharps Treasurer whose address is on the form.
OR if you prefer to pay via BACs - download 2019_UKA_Membership_Form.PDF, fill it in and email it to membership_secretary@ukautoharps.com You will receive your welcome email and and Log In details for members area when payment has been received. The bank details to which you should make your payment is on the form.

If you would like a (FREE children under 12) UKA Membership or you have any further queries regarding UKA Membership please contact:

Doug Harbour emailmembership_secretary@ukautoharps.com

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chapterII: UKA Member Benefits

  • More than 25% saving on all UKA Events & workshops, including at least three UKA Days/Weekends each year, featuring tuition for all levels of experience.
  • Immediate access to our Members Only Area
  • Read archived editions "Autoharp Notes", UKA’s online magazine with reports, news and songs/tunes.
  • All NEW UKA members can also claim a FREE UKA CD
  • Loaner Autoharps: good quality autoharps are available by arrangement to use at UKA days, and on short term loan to individuals who are new to the instrument. For more information and the necessary form to borrow an autoharp contact:
    Lyn Jones emailLoaner Harp CoOrdinator@UKAutoharps.com
  • Have a chance to say what you would like to see happen and vote in our AGM, or get more involved and join the UKA Committee.
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chapterIII: How You Can Help

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